Bhartiya Skill Development University

Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) has been incorporated as a State Private University in 2017. It offers Skill Certificate, Diploma, Advance Diploma, Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc), Master of Vocation (M.Voc) and Ph.D in various skill areas.

BSDU programs are in compliance with UGC Instructions for Vocational Programs, National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF), AICTE Instruction for Vocational Programs, NSQF RPL (Recognition of Previous Learning) Guidelines, Guidelines of respective Sector Skill Councils (SSC), National Occupational Standards (NOS), Skills Qualification Packs.

BSDU Model of Skills Education

The UGC has approved B.Voc programs based on the National Skill Qualification Framework, to address the critical requirements of Skill sets to make the candidates industry ready. It’s a great opportunity to shape the careers of youth in the relevant skill sectors. BSDU has evolved B.Voc curriculum having 60% Skills and 40% General Education component. 

Schools and Courses of  Bhartiya Skill Development University

School of Automotive Skills
  • M.Voc. in Automotive Skills

School of Entrepreneurship Skills
  • B.Voc. (Entrepreneurship) in Beauty & Wellness
  • B.Voc. in Entrepreneurship Skills
  • M.Voc. in Entrepreneurship Skills

School of Garment Making & Fabric Printing Skills
  • B. Voc. in Garment Making and Fabric Printing Skills
School of Construction Skills
  • B.Voc. in Building Maintenance Skills
  • B.Voc. in Construction Skills
  • B.Voc. in Plumbing Skills
School of Healthcare Skills
  • B.Voc. in Healthcare Skills (Patient Relation Services)
School of Telecom and Electronics Skill
  • B.Voc. In Telecom and Electronics Skill
  • B.Voc. in VLSI Design Skills
School of Metal Construction Skills
  • B.Voc. in Metal Construction Skills
School of Hotel Management and Tourism Skills
  • B.Voc. in Hotel Management & Tourism Skills
School of Office Administration Skills
  • B.Voc. in Office Administration Skills
School of Computing Skills
  • B.Voc. in Machine Learning & AI Skills
  • B.Voc. in IT/Networking Skills
  • M.Voc. in Embedded Systems & IoT
School of Manufacturing Skills
  • B.Voc in Manufacturing Skills
School of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Skills
  • B.Voc. in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Skills
  • M.Voc. in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Skills
School of Carpenter Skills
  • B.Voc. in Carpenter Skills
  • M.Voc. in Carpenter Skills
School of Electrical Skills
  • M.Voc. in Smart Power System Skills

BSDU Admission Process

BSDU conducts online and offline entrance tests at various centers, followed by personal interview for admissions to its various Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Degree and PG programmes. Based on the performance of the test and interview, candidates are granted admission to the respective courses.

Bhartiya Skill Development University
Plot 001-002, DTA, Mahindra World City,
Off Ajmer Road, Jaipur- 302042.
Phone: 91- 982888245

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