Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute

The Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute is an important research institute of Indian Council of Agricultural Research engaged in research, training and extension activities on sheep and rabbits.

Basic and applied research on sheep husbandry. Dissemination of technologies for sheep productivity enhancement and management.

  • To undertake basic and applied research on all aspects of sheep production.
  • To develop, update and standardize meat and fibre technologies.
  • To impart trainings on sheep production and utilization.
  • To transfer improved technologies on sheep production to farmers, rural artisans and development workers.
  • To provide referral and consultancy services on production and products technology of sheep.

CSWRI Research Areas

The priorities of Institute is to undertake research, training and extension programme for improving meat and wool production of sheep and to develop processing technology of sheep products.

  • Sheep genetic resource improvement, conservation and introgression of Fec B gene for enhancing mutton and wool production
  • Feed resource improvement and rehabilitation of common property resources, sloppy lands by establishment of agro-forestry, horti pasture.
  • Identification of newer feed resources and their utilization in animal feeding
  • Nutritional manipulation for enhancing pre- and post- weaning growth in lambs for enhancing mutton production
  • Accelerated lambing system to achieve target of three crops in two years and higher life time production
  • Estrus synchronization, semen preservation and artificial insemination in sheep
  • Health technologies for sheep flock
  • Modified worm management technology for sheep
  • Diagnostic technologies for sheep diseases
  • Biotechnological intervention for enhancing mutton and wool production
  • Aesthetic and durable carpet and blankets from indigenous wool and its blends
  • Improved quality Bharat Merino wool blended shawl
  • Natural colours on wool and specialty hair fibres
  • Value addition, product development and processing of meat
  • Skin processing and value addition
  • Sheep manure, vermi compost in agriculture farming
  • Marketing of live animal, wool and mutton
  • Fine wool production in temperate climate
  • Carpet wool production in northwestern region of the country

CSWRI Research Programmes

Programme 1: Enhancing mutton production through increasing prolificacy and genetic improvement through selection
Programme 2: Improvement of sheep for wool production
Programme 3:  Development and improvement of technology for value addition in sheep products and by-products.

Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute
Avikanagar Malpura
Rajasthan 304501
Phone: 1437220162, 1437 24090
Email: cswiravikanagar@yahoo.com

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