Central Arid Zone Research Institute

Almost 12% of the country's area is arid. However, the locals have made use of this area by management systems of farming, pastoralism and animal husbandry. However, these methods were gradually becoming inadequate. There were widespread land degradation and to arrest this degradation process and for scientific and sustainable management of the resources, Desert Afforestation Station was established in 1952 at Jodhpur. This was later expanded into Desert Afforestation and Soil Conservation Station in 1957, and finally upgraded to Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI) in 1959 under Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. 


  • Undertaking basic and applied research on sustainable farming systems in the arid ecosystem
  • Act as repository of information on the state of natural resources and desertification processes
  • Developing livestock-based farming systems and range management practices for the chronically drought-affected areas
  • Generating and transferring location-specific technologies

Research Projects of Central Arid Zone Research Institute

National Projects
  • Unravelling Biochemical And Molecular Basis Of Bacterial And Fungal Endo-Symbiosis For Management Of Abiotic Stress In Plants
  • DUS test centre for pomegranate
  • Preventing extinction and improving conservation status of threatened plant through application of biotechnological tools
  • Production and demonstration of tissue culture raised plants under three location and collection and maintenance of elite germplasm of Date palm
  • Establishment of Field Gene Bank for Arid Region
  • Understanding the adaptation mechanism of wild forage halophytes in the extreme saline-sodic Kachchh plains for enhancing feed resources
  • Genetic diversity assessment, propagation and conservation of Marwar teak [Tecomella undulate (Sm.) Seem.]- An important timber tree of arid desert heading towards extinction
  • National mission on sustaining Himalayan ecosystems (NMSHE)-Task force-5 Indigenous Technology Knowledge (ITK)
  • Mitigation of climate change by enhancing C-sequestration in agriculture and adaptation strategies to thermal stress in ruminants in arid region of western India
  • Livelihood and nutritional security improvement of tribal farm women through horticulture

Institutional Projects

Integrated Basic and Human Resources Appraisal, Monitoring and Desertification
  • Integrated natural resources monitoring in Arid Rajasthan
  • Development and assessment of soil erosion productivity models for rainfed cropping systems in Kachchh region
  • Status of community grazing lands in western Rajasthan
  • Wind erosion and soil loss in western Rajasthan and its impact on agricultural production

Integrated Arid Land Farming System Research
  • Development of Agri-horti. system in rejuvenated ber orchard in arid condition
  • Long term fertilizer trial on pearl millet
  • On-farm assessment of integrated farming systems in arid region
  • Evolving grass–legume intercropping for quality fodder and soil improvement in arid region of Gujarat

Improvement of Animal Production and Management
  • Studies on water requirement of arid cattle
  • Assessment of production potential and improvement of pasture land under different management systems
  • Improving farm productivity through livestock based farming system at farmers’ field
  • Plant Products and Value Addition
  • Development of baked functional foods from locally available plant sources in arid region
Integrated Pest Management
  • Distribution and abundance of rodents in cold arid ecosystem of Leh
  • Development of integrated pest management modules for cumin, groundnut and castor
  • Isolation, evaluation and identification of native bio-control agents against Ganoderma lucidum causing root rot in leguminous trees
  • Ecological evaluation of rodent diversity in Narmada canal command area
  • Integrated weed management in principal crops of cold arid zone

Central Arid Zone Research Institute
Jodhpur - 342 003 (Rajasthan) - INDIA
Telephone : 91 291 2786584
Fax : 91 291 2788706
Website: http://www.cazri.res.in

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